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Reactie BKNL op advies Sociaal Economische Raad en Raad voor Cultuur

Vandaag verscheen het advies ‘Passie gewaardeerd’ van SER en Raad voor Cultuur. De raden concluderen dat de culturele en creatieve sector een belangrijke bijdrage levert aan de samenleving, maar dat de arbeidsmarkt op onderdelen niet goed functioneert waardoor werkenden maar weinig terugzien van de waardecreatie die de sector realiseert.

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Door De Zaak Nu | 21 april 2017

Experimenteerregeling Mondriaan Fonds

Via het Mondriaan Fonds zijn inmiddels verschillende presentatie-instellingen ondersteund met een bijdrage voor kunstenaarshonoraria. Toekenningen werden gedaan aan onder meer Nest voor Rinus Van de Velde, Stichting West voor Matthias Müller en Christoph Girardet, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim voor Jonathan van Doornum, Hotel Mariakapel voor Tim en Katrein Breukers, A Tale of a Tub voor Michal Helfman en de Appel arts centre voor Christine Sun Kim.

Om de toepassing van de Richtlijn Kunstenaarshonoraria te stimuleren, stelt het Mondriaan Fonds dit jaar een bedrag van 600.000 euro beschikbaar dat voorziet in gedeeltelijke compensatie van instellingen die de richtlijn toepassen.

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11 april 2017

Leden van De Zaak Nu

Installing Running out of History

Michal Helfman installing her work for the opening of the show on Saturday, 29 april at 17:00

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29 april 2017

Open Source Goverment #4 Public Session

Open Source Government and MAMA invite you to participate in the fourth dynamic discussion held at MAMA’s Showroom.

Open Source Government is a collective project that tries to design a blue-print for a possible open sourced society. The project invites thinkers, artists, programmers, developers, social scientists, political scientists, financial professionals, lawyers and other individuals to take part in the conversation.

On Sunday 21st of May 2017, the fourth session will be held in MAMA’s showroom at 15.00 -18.00
During the session we will discuss some good news, the past discussions and develop new ideas by creating a dynamic discussion. Also during this session we will form different action groups to develop different tasks. During this session the team will expand itself to new members, so please be present if you would like to be a part of the family!
We will make sure there is plenty of tea and cookies and we'll have a drink afterwards. Let's hang out!

It will help a lot if you go to before you come to the session.
Also here is a youtube playlist for easy learning
If you would like to participate please RSVP at

- The session will be documented for archival and study purposes.

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28 april 2017

Erna Ómarsdóttir & Valdimar Jóhannsson / Iceland Dance Company | SACRIFICE – A mini festival | 18 - 27 MAY

From 18 to 27 May, the Utrecht-based festival for the performing arts SPRING will take place again.

"Coming soon in May: the cutting-edge performing arts festival SPRING Utrecht! SPRING presents SACRIFICE – a mini festival. SACRIFICE – a mini festival is a four-part special, a ‘miniature festival’ featuring visual art, pop music, theatre and dance as the basic principles for a new religion in times of secularisation: art. SACRIFICE – a mini festival consists four components for which the Icelandic choreographer Erna Ómarsdóttir is collaborating with Valdimar Johannsson, The Icelandic Dance Company and a number of striking visual artists, including Ragnar Kjartansson, Gabríela Friðriksdóttir and the renowned Matthew Barney. Composer/musician Bryce Dessner (The National) will be supplying the soundtrack. SACRIFICE – a mini festival is a full-length experience where seeing is believing."

For more information, please see here:

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26 april 2017

Opening expositie: On Alchemy and Magic

Check out the FIBER exhibition at Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. It features work by Impakt festival curator Tobias Revell and opens on Friday the 12th of May!

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26 april 2017

Timeline Photos

Nog enkele plekken op de woensdagen vrij bij de decormakers van project Wereldmakers! Inschrijving van uw zoon of dochter kan nu tegen een gereduceerd tarief!!
Voor informatie: Delano Mac Andrew
T 020 25 25 401,

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26 april 2017


Open Call:

"The REAL DMZ PROJECT Committee calls for artists to apply for the "2017 Yangji-ri Residency" program. The program is established in order to provide a platform for experimental creative practices that center around critical perspectives on the ironies of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Korea."

For more information, please see here:

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26 april 2017

Economia | Currency Concept Design by Lenara Verle & Ilan Katin

Join us in creating a new digital currency and test it yourself during Economia festival!

Workshop Currency Concept Design: Friday 28 April, 13:00 – 16:00. Tickets: €0*
The history of money teaches many valuable lessons and sources of inspiration showing its possibilities as a technology for change. In this workshop, you will interactively learn about alternative currencies and how these influence the way money is used in society. Think Economia

*A (free) ticket is required for this workshop. Make sure to sign up in advance – online or at the festival’s cash register.

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26 april 2017

Timeline Photos

We've received lots of awesome submissions! Check them out at
Visit MAMA's showroom to plaster your favourite artwork on our walls.

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26 april 2017

Showroom MAMA: Queens of the Industry

Queens of the Industry An all female festival that focusses on the Queens of the Industry.

This event is part of MAMA NETWORKS more information

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26 april 2017

The Showroom

You are invited to the preview of

Alex Martinis Roe: To Become Two
Tuesday 25 April 2017

Exhibition continues:
26 April – 10 June 2017
Wednesday – Saturday, 12–6pm

A new film installation by Berlin-based artist Alex Martinis Roe that stems from her ongoing engagement with international feminist communities and their political practices. To Become Two evolves at The Showroom with a programme of events and workshops led by Martinis Roe on propositions for feminist collective practices according to the needs, desires and contexts of those who participate.

The exhibition has been designed in collaboration with Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga with a poster series designed in collaboration with Chiara Figone.
 To Become Two has been produced with the support of curator Susan Gibb.

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25 april 2017

Kunst- en Designwinkel Concordia

Onze Kunst- & Designwinkel heeft een metamorfose ondergaan. Op de foto zijn de schappen nog leeg... Maar inmiddels zijn ze gevuld met mooie en eerlijke producten van zowel lokale ontwerpers als Fairtrade merken. Kom je gauw eens kijken?

Op zaterdag 22 april wordt de winkel feestelijk geopend in het bijzijn van een aantal vormgevers en kunstenaars. Wees welkom! En maak gelijk kennis met de makers van je favoriete producten.

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22 april 2017

Robert Rino van Rinus Van de Velde

Laatste kans! About Robert Rino van Rinus Van de Velde is nog tot en met aanstaande zondag te zien. Vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag van 1 tot 5 uur. Tot dan!

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16 april 2017

If you happen to be - Gabriel Lester

Currently on view at RYAN LEE in New York: #rijksakademie alumnus Gabriel Lester's solo show "If you happen to be". Gabriel Lester combines elements of music, experimental cinema, literature, and architecture to create immersive environments with stories to tell. The exhibition runs till May 20. More information:

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16 april 2017

Activating Artifacts: About Academia

Last weekend!

Be quick, this is your last chance to see Muntadas his solo-show 'Activating Artifacts: About Academia'

Location: Rozenstraat 59
Opening hours: 12:00 until 18:00

Image: Muntadas, Activating Artifacts: About Academia, 2017 at De Appel. Photo by Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

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15 april 2017

'Running out of History' by Michal Helfman (2016), (excerpt fr...

Coming to A Tale of a Tub soon: 'Running out of History' by Michal Helfman.

”That night I realized I had to tell them about my true identity" (excerpt from film).

The exhibition Running out of History unfolds around Michal Helfman's latest fiction film, based on two real dialogues that revolve around the activist G.. She is an Israeli woman who is the founder and head of a NGO which provides humanitarian aid to populations in crisis. During the last four years the NGO has been smuggling humanitarian aid to the besieged population in Syria. Using a mix of abstract dance, technology and theater Helfman presents us with a narrative about justice, historical construction, art, politics and activist practices.

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15 april 2017

Poetry International Rotterdam

TENT Tipt: Heb je een mooie, rauwe of grappige dichtregel? Tot en met 28 april kan je het opsturen naar Wellicht verschijnt jouw dichtregel wel op een Rotterdamse vuilniswagen!

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15 april 2017

Aukje Kok

Opening this afternoon at Stigter van Doesburg: #rijksakademie alumna Aukje Kok's solo show "With". The exhibition opens at 17.00 hours and runs till May 20.

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15 april 2017

Concordia Film Theater Beeldende Kunst's cover photo

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14 april 2017

Hanan Klei

De schilderijen van Hanan Klei hebben een vakkundige en tegelijk ontspannen toets. Ze prikkelen de toeschouwer om op een andere manier naar bekende beelden te kijken. Morgen opent de expositie van kunstenaarsinitiatief B93 met onder andere werk van Hanan. Welkom!

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14 april 2017


Mirte Rietveld (14) won deze week de FOTODOK Scholieren Award met met een indrukwekkende fotoserie over de hongertocht die haar overgrootmoeder moest ondernemen in de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Vanaf 28 april is haar werk te zien op het plein in Het Utrechts Archief. Samenwerking met Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht & X11 media en vormgeving

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14 april 2017

This weekend is your last chance to see Muntadas his solo-show "Activating Artifacts: About Academia".

Location: Rozenstraat 59, Amsterdam
Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 12-18 PM

Through this exhibition you delve into the themes of privatisation, corporatisation, gentrification and globalisation of the American higher education. Our director Niels Van Tomme originally conceived the project for the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture in Baltimore (his former employee, and a university-affiliated exhibition venue), where it opened one week prior to Amsterdam. For this presentation at Rozenstraat 59, De Appel partners with the University of Amsterdam to reflect on how the exhibition’s themes resonate within the context of Dutch academia post UvA’s student uprising in 2015.

Images: Elise Gherlan

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14 april 2017

TENT Welcomes Nicola Unger - TENT Rotterdam

Wat dragen wij in ons? Wat kunnen wij overdragen? Hebben wij daar controle over? Of zijn wij alleen marionetten van ons DNA?

Kunstenaar Nicola Unger onderzocht hoe generaties informaties aan elkaar overdragen. In Transmission beschouwt ze het lichaam als ‘container’ van geschiedenissen en van de toekomst van generaties. Video sketches uit Transmission zijn op vrijdag 28 april te zien in TENT.

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14 april 2017

W139's cover photo

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14 april 2017

Workshop 3D Sound with Usomo

Dive into the interactive world of immersive sound environments during a 4-day workshop.


Are you a sound designer, media artist, game developer, augmented reality developer or in any other way interested in 3D audio? Then the Usomo-workshop might just be for you!

Learn how to create interactive immersive sound environments and explore the sense-expanding experience of your own imagined audible worlds.

During the 4-day workshop, you will work with Steffen Armbuster and Mark Trinkhaus: the creators of the Usomo audio system.


Usomo is an audio system that merges space and sound into an interactive, immersive environment. The system consists of headphones with the Usomo tracking module, a smartphone to play the sound data, and several position transmitters in the space. Wandering through space or just turning your head triggers and transforms fluidly the tonality, volume, and angle of the sound sources.

Learn more about Usomo here:


Where: V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media.
When: May 23 – May 26, 2017: workshop from 10h till 17h (presentation may 26 from 18h - 21h)
Price: €150,- (including lunch)


In order to apply, fill out the submission form before May 15. In favor of the quality of the workshop, we will work with small groups. In case of too much interest, we reserve the right to make a selection out of the applicants

Apply here:


If you have any more questions please send an e-mail to

V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media is an interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam.


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13 april 2017

Museumnacht Maastricht


Make sure you don't miss this one-of-a-kind, Maastricht-by-night art experience!

Video : Daniel van Hauten : WEDOVOODOO.TV 
Music : Subp Yao - WooWoo


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07 april 2017

TransAtlantic Artist Merch Market

>>> scroll down for ENGLISH
Art Baby Gallery, BARPLUS, CHIPS en MAMA bundelen de krachten voor een ééndaagse Transatlantic Artist Merch Market in BAR. Altijd al merchandise van je favoriete kunstenaar willen hebben? We hebben de meest rare, gekke en glimmende merch voor jou geselecteerd; het beste van de andere kant van de Atlantische oceaan en onze geliefde stad Rotterdam.

Internationale kunstenaars: Art Baby Girl, Creepy Gals, Coucou Suzette, Dean Roper, Gentle Thrills, Heather Benjamin, Kaley Flowers, Lorien Stern, Me and You, Oddly Weird, Peggy Noland, Penelope Gazin, Tuesday Bassen en Wacky Wacko.

Rotterdamse kunstenaars: Jason Page, Jess Oberlin, Mireille Bakx, Rachel Sender, Rose Guitian en Suzanne Koopstra.

Dit is je kans om exclusieve merch te scoren, de voorraad is zeer beperkt dus wees op tijd en zorg dat je contant geld bij hebt.

TransAtlantic Artist Merch Market wordt gehouden in de voorzaal van BAR, op dezelfde avond als live muzieksessie Dips, een filmvertoning van Kriterion en je kan gelijk shinen met je nieuwe gear tijdens de Chips party.

De merch market kondigt de tentoonstelling Wallpaper aan deze opent de volgende dag (21 april) Meer informatie:
Art Baby Gallery, BARPLUS, CHIPS and MAMA joined forces for this one-day-only TransAtlantic Artist Merch Market at BAR. Always wanted to own merchandise from your fav artists? We made a careful selection of the weirdest, shiniest and craziest merch we could find for you to take home. We bring you the best from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and our own beloved Rotterdam.

International artists: Art Baby Girl, Creepy Gals, Coucou Suzette, Dean Roper, Gentle Thrills, Heather Benjamin, Kaley Flowers, Lorien Stern, Me and You, Oddly Weird, Peggy Noland, Penelope Gazin, Tuesday Bassen and Wacky Wacko.

Rotterdam artists: Jason Page, Jess Oberlin, Mireille Bakx, Rachel Sender, Rose Guitian and Suzanne Koopstra

Get your exlclusive merch, The stock is extremely limited, so come in time and make sure to bring cash!

TransAtlantic Artist Merch Market will be held in the front area of BAR, on the same evening there’s a live music session with Dips, a film screening from Kriterion and you can show off your fresh stuff at the Chips party after.

The Merch Market is organized in anticipation of the project WALLPAPER opening the next day (21 April). More information:

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06 april 2017

Economia festival

Last chance to get your festival passe-partout with discount! You have until tomorrow, 7 April 11h00 to buy the 3-day ticket for €50 instead of €65. Valid for all days of Economia. It gives you access to all program items (except the Masterclass The Art of Financial Hacking​). Purchase here:

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06 april 2017

The Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts would like to share the many new courses they offer this year. Applications for grants are now possible, too.

"The many students and teachers from all over the world who meet in the summer in Hohensalzburg Fortress create a unique atmosphere where they can readily find new incentives, make contacts and give their own work a new direction. In the Summer Academy, artistic production will be examined in all aspects, from the standpoints of artists, curators and critics. Teaching is both practical and theoretical. Painting is presented as a discursive medium, traditional techniques such as stone sculpture and miniature painting are brought up to date; many courses are interdisciplinary, and for the first time a blogging course is offered. Once again, outstanding personalities from the art world, including Ruth Noack, Paulina Olowska and Tony Chakar, will be teaching at the Summer Academy."

The Summer Academy awards numerous grants for participation in one of the 18 courses. The deadline is 3 April 2017.
Applications at:

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03 april 2017

Keynote Frank Trentmann: A world of consumers

Are you also wondering why we have so much stuff, and what you can do about that? At #Economia festival Prof. Frank Trentmann will speak about the history of consumption, and the goods that have transformed our lives over the past 600 years. In his study 'Empire of Things' (2016), Trentmann he explores how we have come to live with so many products,
how this has changed the course of history and which global challenges we are facing as a result. Frank Trentmann is a Professor of History in the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology at Birkbeck, University of London. He is a specialist in the history of consumption.

Date and time: Sun 30 April, 15:00 – 16:45
Location: auditorium, Natlab, Eindhoven
Accessible with a day ticket (€25,00 - regular / €20,00 - student), or passe-partout (Early Bird €50) for Economia festival, which gives you access to all program items (except the Masterclass).
More info and tickets:

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03 april 2017

Cultuurpolitiek en Kunstbeleid