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| Training the senses : Talking Smell |
What is it that makes scents so significant yet difficult to grasp?

Smells form part of our knowing, but they are elusive, often disappearing before they can be pinned down with speech. Scents can bring us strong memories of places and events, yet we find it hard to identify even quite strong smells, including bleach, rosemary and lavender. Research shows that people growing up in some non-western cultures have a more developed vocabulary for scents. And that Europeans find it easier to identify scents, the more they talk about these scents. What is it that makes scents so significant yet difficult to grasp? In this session, we will be identifying and expressing smells with director of the Institute for Art and Olfaction Saskia Wilson-Brown, reading about scent with poet Emma Crebolder and analyzing the relationship between smells and words with neuro-scientist Laura Speed.
Join us . get your ticket here:

November 14
7 – 9 pm
With: Saskia Wilson-Brown, Laura Speed, Emma Crebolder

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31 oktober 2018

MAMA's cover photo

Prepare for a night of full of performance, pleasure and party. It’s time to SHAKE WHAT YOUR MAMA GAVE YA.

Party: Shake what your MAMA gave ya

The past couple of weeks we presented the manifestation ‘Breaking Barriers’, in honour of our 21st birthday. MAMA is becoming an old fart! We organized a best trick skate contest, a street art tour and a dinnershow extravaganza. For this final blowout MAMA and BAR are collaborating to bring you an unforgettable night consisting of an early-evening programme which smoothly transforms into a full blown party that lasts until the morning hours.

Bring your friends, tell your enemies, finally call your family again – we hope to see a lot of beautiful faces there to celebrate 21 years of MAMA with!

what: absurdism, expressive dance, groovy beats, laughs, lovely DJ’s, drinks, hugs, live music
who: MAMA + BAR
where: Schiekade 201, 3013BR
when: Saturday 17th of November / 20.00 – 05.00
why: celebrating 21 years of MAMA and life

pre sale: €7.5,- ( )
doorsale: €10,-

Line-up t.b.a. very very soon!

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31 oktober 2018

Elephants in the Room jaarlijkse Assembly vol & Laatste kans! Alma Heikkilä: Evolved in shared relationships te zien tot en met 11 november. Lees meer:

Elephants in the Room annual Assembly fully booked & Last chance! Alma Heikkilä: Evolved in shared relationships on view until 11 November. Read more:

Image: ' , ' /~` flashing decaying wood, / /`_/~ . * | * ___ . .*, Alma Heikkilä, 2018. Photo: Rachel Morón.

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31 oktober 2018

V2_'s cover photo


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31 oktober 2018

stimuleringsfonds creatieve industrie - Toekenningen acht instellingen binnen Meerjarige programma’s 2019-2020 bekend

We are very grateful for the support for 2019 - 2020 by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie together with 7 other cultural organisations! Stichting Mediamatic, Steim, STRP, @lima, BioArt Laboratories, Next Nature Network, @playgrounds 

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31 oktober 2018

We are looking for volunteers for RijksakademieOPEN!

Once a year the #rijksakademie opens its doors to the public. For this event we are looking for enthusiastic, art loving volunteers to help us with a variety of tasks, such as hosting, ticket control, catering, surveillance and more.

The event is from Friday 23 November until Sunday 25 November 25, but we also need volunteers for the special events (Tuesday 20 – Thursday 22 November).

Would you like to be part of this amazing team, sign up here:

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31 oktober 2018

Congratulations to Renata Cervetto! It has been announced that Renatta Cervetto, a past participant of De Appel curatorial programme, has been appointed as a curator for the 11th Berlin Biennale in 2020. The other curators, María Berries, Lisette Lagnado, and Agustín Pérez Rubio complete the female identified South American curatorial team.

Renata took part in the 2013/2014 curatorial programme and subsequently undertook a fellowship to develop a one-year public program at De Appel in 2014. From 2015–18 she coordinated the education department of the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA). Cervetto coedited the publication Agítese antes de usar. Desplazamientos educativos, sociales y artísticos en América Latina (TEOR/éTica, San José, and MALBA, Buenos Aires, 2017, with texts by Lisette Lagnado, among others) together with Miguel A. López. Recently, she has been researching pedagogical-poetic practices in relation to developing self-awareness and consciousness.

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30 oktober 2018

The Rocket Trail

On Friday 9 November at 19:30, we will host in our basement the preview screening of the first chapter of the project The Rocket Trail, titled RAIN KIDS (directed by Gabriele Mariotti)

The Rocket Trail is a platform of cross-disciplinary research project where art, design, science and filmmaking work together to dissect the rocket as an object and cast some light on its influence over the collective imaginary - from its early conception as a phenomena to its multi-layered cultural interpretation where science and myth amalgamate.

The first chapter takes place the province of Isaan in North-East Thailand. There, a gunpowder based festival takes place every summer, when hundreds of massive rockets are fired into the sky to remember Phaya Thaen, the spirit that once kidnapped the rain, in order to bring it in good quantity. This film looks at this tradition and the values for which it is still carried on, while shading some light over the very human attraction to the power of myths and faith.

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30 oktober 2018


warm invite to join third week program:

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30 oktober 2018


Tijdens Museumnacht 2018 verandert Broedplaats Lely onder leiding van De Appel in een psychedelische wereld vol fantasiewezens, dichtkunst, herinneringen, lichamen en toverdrankjes. Met een vol programma neemt De Appel je mee in de wonderbare wereld van de hedendaagse kunst.

Het tweede onderdeel: de dansvoorstelling The Three Graces van CHRONOS, geprogrammeerd door ICK Amsterdam. In de voorstelling inspireren de schilderijen van Raphaël, Botticelli en Rubens de dansers tot een herinterpretatie van de verleidelijke poses van de gratiën.

Locatie: Broedplaats Lely, STEIM Studio 3
Tijd: 20-20.30 uur

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30 oktober 2018

MAMA, TENT en Witte de With zijn 100% Hedendaags

Aan allen die leergierig zijn, graag geprikkeld worden en wil weten wat kunsteducatie kan doen, zet aanstaande vrijdag in je agenda voor het 100% Hedendaags symposium.

Een symposium over hedendaagse kunsteducatie voor het voortgezet onderwijs en MBO: een meet-up tussen educatoren, docenten en pedagogen om kennis, ervaringen en best-practices uit te wisselen.

Of het nu uit vakmatige interesse is of gewoon brandende nieuwsgierigheid, laat je deze kans niet ontglippen.

Tickets en meer info:

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30 oktober 2018

If you are in Turin, Italy between 1-4th of November, please come by The Others Art fair and see the solo presentation by Sam Keogh at room number 13!
#theothers #samkeogh

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30 oktober 2018

Music Matters

Afgelopen 14 oktober gaf Sabrina Starke een workshop songwriting in TENT. Benieuwd wat daar uit is gekomen? De deelnemers treden zaterdag 3 november op onder de Mango tree- installatie van Jasper Niens.

Event: SS x Music Matters - 'Your story in a song' showcase
Tijd: 15:00- 17:00 uur
Toegang: gratis

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30 oktober 2018

Cultuurpolitiek en Kunstbeleid